$450,000 Verdict for a Motor Vehicle Accident Victims – Bronx County Supreme Court

Carolyn Caccese and Joe Donnelly together obtained a $450,000 verdict in Bronx County Supreme Court last week. We represented a couple that were injured when their taxi rear-ended another yellow cab while they were in the back seat. As the result, our clients sustained tears in their shoulders. Prior to trial, the defense conceded liability and then Summary Jury Trial was held on the issue of damages only.  The defense argued that our clients’ injuries were not serious, and any injuries they did have were not caused by the accident, but were pre-existing.  The defense also claimed that one of our client’s injuries were caused by his failure to wear a seat belt. 

The jury returned a verdict of $250,000 for female and $200,000 for male client for their pain and suffering.

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