$850,000 Settlement Win for a Medical Malpractice Victim – Suffolk County

A settlement of $850,000 was secured by Partners Marvin Salenger and Carolyn Caccese for the family of a 37-year-old, married man whose death was due to his doctors not recognizing that he was suffering from pulmonary emboli (blood clots in his lungs).  They failed to administer timely and appropriate treatment, which would have saved his life.  The lawsuit was against the doctors who treated him during this 4-day hospital admission (2 hematologists and an internist), as well as the hospital and the nursing staff who oversaw his care.  We also claimed that the nurses failed to properly communicate with the doctors regarding the symptoms he exhibited, which were consistent with pulmonary emboli.  The case was venued in Suffolk County and settled after jury selection but before the trial started.

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