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False Arrest/Malicious Prosecution

Every municipality has police officers who do not play by the rules, and New York City and Long Island are no exceptions. Some police officers have bad reputations for using illegal tactics when on the job, including arresting and detaining individuals without probable cause.

As an American citizen, you are protected under our Constitution’s Fourth Amendment from unreasonable seizure by the police. At the law firm of Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro, we have been standing up for the civil rights of those who have been falsely arrested for over 30 years. Our experienced civil rights attorneys are relentless advocates for victims of injustice and have recovered significant compensation for their financial losses and suffering.

We Stand Up For Your Civil Rights

As experts in the area of false arrest and malicious prosecutions claims, we have recovered and secured a variety of favorable settlements and court verdicts for unlawful treatment by New York City and Long Island police. If you have experienced any of the following situations, you may have a case for pursing compensation:

  • False Arrest or Illegal Confinement: You were unlawfully restrained or confined by police officers without probable cause.
  • Excessive Force: Law enforcement has used excessive force on you in the process of a false arrest.
  • Malicious Prosecution: You were taken to court over allegations made after your unlawful arrest.
  • Injury By Police: You sustained injuries caused by police officers during a false arrest, during transport, during processing, or while imprisoned.
  • False Imprisonment: You spent any time imprisoned after an unlawful arrest.
  • Prisoner Mistreatment: While falsely imprisoned, you were mistreated physically, emotionally, or psychologically.
  • Racial Profiling: You were a victim who was unlawfully targeted based on your race or ethnicity, not by your actions.
  • Intimidation: Officers have used intimidation tactics on you that implied they would cause injury or harm to you.
  • Illegal Searches and Seizure: Law enforcement has illegally searched or seized your car or property without probable cause.

These illegal law enforcement tactics are inappropriate and unethical. Our firm has a thorough knowledge of NYPD, NCPD and SCPD protocol and the civil rights laws. We understand how officers can cross the line and have successfully argued these types of misconduct in court on countless occasions.

How To Prove Injustice

Unlawful arrest cases are incredibly complex and can be difficult to prove. It’s not enough in New York City or Long Island to claim you were falsely accused without providing strong evidence for your claim, especially if there is more than one officer involved to counter your story. To establish discriminative actions by law enforcement, our team must be able to prove:

  • A law enforcement officer wrongfully used his or her force or authority against a victim.
  • The victim was physically restrained against his or her will.
  • The victim does not feel able or seeks to leave without retaliation.
  • A law enforcement officer intentionally restricts the freedom of a victim without probable cause.
  • The victim suffered injuries and bodily harm caused by the officer’s actions.
  • The victim was targeted and wrongfully arrested based on unethical measures.
  • A law enforcement officer did not have probable cause for his or her actions.

Victims who are stopped by police and arrested without justification, even if it is for a few minutes, may be entitled to compensation for their emotional, physical, or psychological injuries. We understand the humiliation and hopelessness that can come from false detainment. Let our attorneys provide you with the utmost compassion and care you deserve and pursue justice over law enforcement officers who have intentionally or recklessly caused you harm.

Don’t Wait To Report

Cases involving false arrest and imprisonment are complex and can be hard to prove if too much time has lapsed between the report and the incident. If you feel you have been a victim of false arrest or malicious prosecution, contact an attorney with experience in these types of cases immediately, in order to preserve all of your rights to fair compensation. We will review every aspect of your case promptly to determine all damages suffered and secure fair compensation for any financial burdens and suffering you have experienced.

We Are Civil Rights Professionals

When you or a loved one has become a victim of false arrest or malicious prosecution, the best course of legal action is to seek representation from a prominent civil rights law firm. These professionals have experience in evaluating police procedures and civil rights laws that protect New York City and Long Island residents from discriminatory acts that cause shame and harm.   Contact the law firm of Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro today for a free consultation to review your case and explore your options for seeking justice for your loved one’s injuries.


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