Construction Accident – Labor Law Case

$13 Million Settlement

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Our client was a 49-year-old union carpenter, employed as a foreman in a scaffolding company. He was working on the site of a large construction project on a 56-story building in midtown Manhattan. On the day of the accident, he was replacing panels on a wall. While standing on a scaffold with other co-workers, one of the scaffold’s wooden planks broke, twisting the platform on which it stood. Unfortunately, the scaffold was constructed next to an open, unprotected stairwell. One co-worker fell onto the platform, while another co-worker escaped serious injury. Our client, however, landed on a railing within the unprotected stairway and was propelled into the open stairwell, falling about 40 feet. The lawsuit alleged violations of the New York State Labor Law, including Labor Law §240(1). As a result of the fall, our client fractured his vertebrae, most significantly at T-11, T-12 and L-4, rendering him a paraplegic.