Police Negligence – Improper training and supervision

$2.15 Million Settlement

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In a highly publicized case, our client, a 40-year-old married man with children, was a 12-year veteran of the Nassau County Police force. At the time of this incident, he was a member of the county’s elite Bureau of Special Operations. On the day of the incident, an emotionally disturbed person had barricaded himself in a bedroom in his home. Earlier that day, this person had been reported acted strangely in the streets, wielding a knife and threatening several people. Nassau County police responded to the scene and entered the home. The emotionally disturbed person emerged from the bedroom and violently threatened the police officers with his knives. In self-defense, a police officer shot and killed him. About twelve other Nassau County police officers had formed a perimeter around the home during this incident. Two MTA police officers, who had responded to a nearby train station to investigate a faulty elevator, heard of this incident on their police radio and responded to the scene. They joined the perimeter of officers around the home. Our client arrived at the scene after the emotionally disturbed person had been shot and killed. As our client, who was in plain clothes, approached the perimeter of officers, one of the MTA officers, who was unfamiliar with our client, accidently shot and killed him. A retired police officer who happened to be at the scene had shouted “gun” and the MTA officer, seeing our plain-clothed client holding an M4 assault rifle, panicked and shot him. The bullet traveled through his lung and heart, killing him instantly. The case was widely publicized in the media and settled before trial. No criminal charges were filed against the MTA officer.