Medical Malpractice – Surgical error during a back surgery

$3.1 Million Settlement

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Our client was a 63-year-old retired New York City Firefighter, married with adult children. He had an extensive history of back pain, for which had undergone multiple fusion and laminectomy surgeries, as well as epidural injections. Eventually, he was diagnosed with “failed back syndrome.” To manage his pain, the defendant surgeon inserted a spinal cord stimulator in his lower back. Initially, the pain abated, but within a few months, it returned. Suspecting that the stimulator had shifted, the defendant surgeon attempted a revision surgery and adjustment of the leads on the device. During the surgery, the surgeon repeatedly attempted to adjust the stimulator, but encountered unexpected difficulties. Ultimately, these attempts seriously injured our client’s spinal cord. As a result, our client suffered complete paraplegia and is permanently confined to a wheelchair.