Dan Solinsky

“I knew I was going to be an attorney from the time I was a little kid. I come from a family of attorneys and law was all I ever wanted to do. When I was three years old, my grandmother bought me a gabardine suit. I wore it in the sandbox.”

Daniel Solinsky says it was fated for him to be an attorney, as he comes from a family of attorneys. But unlike the rest of his family, who worked in the courts, Dan chose litigation, starting in the Bronx District Attorney’s office after earning his JD from St. John’s University. He served in the prestigious A34 trial bureau, prosecuting violent and non-violent felony matters including armed robbery, attempted murder, grand larceny, assault and firearm possession.

He polished his courtroom skills while working in the Bronx DA’s office, and draws a parallel between his work then and now. “The transition was pretty seamless. There’s a commonality between prosecuting at the DA’s office and representing the plaintiff. In both my roles, I have represented the victim. Whether the victim of a crime or a victim of fault, they have been injured or broken in some way.

“So why do we what we do? It’s not so much for the money, or for some sort of prestige.  We help our clients because we have been broken too, at some time, or someone we care for was. I feel a kinship with my clients. Personally, I’ve been both a victim of a crime and of someone’s fault. I feel like I have a special connection to someone who’s hurt and I know what they need because it’s happened to me, too. I’m ready to work with them to achieve a measure of justice for them.

“As an attorney representing the plaintiff, my sworn duty is to represent and speak for the victim. I have a direct responsibility to protect one person or family and that is an awesome job. I understand that when people come to me with an injury, they’re looking for someone to take care of them for the rest of their lives.”

After Dan’s stint at the Bronx DA, he took a position within the court system as Principal Court Attorney under two Administrative Justices in the Supreme Court of Bronx County. In that role he drafted court orders, decisions and other legal memoranda on pre and post-trial motions, and advised and assisted Associate Justices in hearings, bail review and trial matters. “I got to see the justice system from another perspective. I honed my skills as a writer by seeing firsthand what judges and clerks are looking for in a body of a memorandum to persuade them. My goal is to write a brief well enough that the judge will want to accept it “as is” for his or her decision and wouldn’t need to rewrite it. Just stamp “order” or “decision” on it.”

When the urge struck to return to Long Island, where he grew up, Dan joined Salenger & Sack, litigating numerous cases from complicated products liability cases to auto and premises accidents, trying cases in the Federal Courts as well as the State and Local Courts.

“Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro are the real deal, considered as the most prominent personal injury firm on Long Island by their peers and adversaries. The firm’s team approach has us all working together for one common goal. That’s the difference between ours and other firms. It’s very special and unlike what I’ve experienced in my public practice.”

In addition to litigation, Dan lectures other attorneys on Municipal Liability four times annually at The New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers.