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Defective Products

When you buy any product online or in the store, you expect it to be safe. However, sustaining an injury from a faulty product happens more often than people believe. These injuries can often be severe or even permanent, resulting in financial and emotional turmoil due to expensive medical treatments and bills.

At the law firm of Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro, LLP, we believe all companies should be held accountable for their products, particularly large companies who have the resources to regulate quality control. Our experienced team of product liability attorneys believes you deserve the best possible representation. We fight for the fair compensation you deserve for  any injury sustained from a faulty product.

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Don’t Wait After Your Product Injury

From big to small, defective products pose all sorts of injuries and health risks to consumers when they are not made or labeled  properly. Some common faulty product claims include:

  • Child products/toys
  • Motor vehicles or parts
  • Medical equipment
  • Apparel
  • Safety products

These common claims are only a few examples of defective product cases that have caused lots of injuries, including: fractures, amputations, burns, organ damage, choking hazards, loss of sight, and more. It’s important to seek legal advice from an attorney who is experienced in defective product law as soon as your accident occurs. That gives you the best possible chance of recovering a just reward for any damages suffered.

Verdicts & Settlements

$10.1 Million Settlement

Medical Malpractice – Failure to timely treat a patient

A 40-year-old woman with heart attack symptoms was left in the emergency room waiting area of a Nassau County hospital for 20 minutes, resulting in a massive heart attack and brain damage.

$10 Million Verdict

Medical Malpractice and Wrongful Death – Failure to timely diagnose breast cancer

A radiologist failed to properly interpret a mammogram, resulting in a delayed diagnosis of breast cancer in a 46-year-old woman, who ultimately passed away.

$8 Million Settlement

Medical Malpractice – Failure to timely diagnose a blood clot

A doctor’s failure to appreciate the significance of headache complaints by a 21-year-old caused a delay in diagnosing a blood clot, resulting in a stroke and brain damage.

$5.4 Million Settlement

Medical Malpractice – Newborn baby found face-down

One day after birth, our client was found face down in the hospital nursery, causing oxygen deprivation that resulted in brain damage.

$6.9 Million Settlement

Medical Malpractice – Intraoperative airway fire in trachea

While undergoing a laser procedure to remove vocal cord polyps, an airway fire in the trachea burned our client’s lungs and vocal cords, resulting in the loss of his ability to speak.

$4.5 Million Settlement

Medical Malpractice – Failure to appreciate preeclampsia (high blood pressure)

Doctors fail to timely diagnose preeclampsia (high blood pressure) in a pregnant woman, leading to placental abruption, oxygen deprivation, and a brain-damaged infant.

$4.75 Million Settlement

Medical Malpractice – Failure to perform a timely C-section

During delivery of a baby, doctors failed to properly monitor the fetal monitor strips and the fetal heart rate resulting in oxygen deprivation and brain damage in the infant.

Advocates Seeking Fair Compensation for Your Injury

Innocent victims of defective products can seek compensation for a number of damages sustained after their accidents, such as:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Decreased earning ability
  • Rehabilitation and therapies
  • Long-term care

Experienced in the field of product liability, our attorneys will evaluate every detail of your accident in order to determine the best legal action for maximizing awards in your case. We look into several factors when reviewing your accident to determine what led to your injury. We investigate the product history, warning labels, product instructions, and quality control of the company’s manufacturing process.

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Why Choose A Defective Product Lawyer

If you’ve been injured by a faulty or defective product, you need representation from a lawyer with experience in the field of product liability, not just general law. Product liability litigation is complicated. It takes a skilled and knowledgeable attorney who understands the demands of product liability law to adequately represent your best interests.

At Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro, our passion for standing up for the rights of those who have been injured by defective products has resulted in impressive product liability settlements and verdicts in over 35 years of practice. We work with you every step of the way, from intake to resolution, to get you the compensation you deserve.

Verdicts & Settlements

$2.05 Million Settlement

Products Liability – Defective office stool collapsed

Our client, a 43-year-old man, was sitting on a stool at work when it suddenly collapsed. As a result, the rod beneath seat cushion protruded upwards and impaled our client, pierced his rectum and causing severe colon and related injuries.

We Stand Up Against Faulty Products

You deserve transparency and safety when it comes to buying products. Our team is here to fight for that right. We pursue compensation in your case for the many financial burdens you may have sustained, including: medical bills, wage losses, pain and suffering, and any services necessary to get you back to good health from your injury.

Let our knowledgeable product liability team hold companies legally accountable for their actions, so you can focus on what’s most important – your recovery. Contact the law firm of Salenger, Sack, Kimmel & Bavaro today for a free consultation to review your case and explore your options for getting the compensation you deserve.

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