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$13 million settlement

Construction fall

Construction fall

A 46-year old union carpenter who fell from a scaffold down an uncovered stairwell was settled for $13 million dollars with the help of the SSKB team.  A plank supporting the scaffold snapped, causing the carpenter to lose his balance and fall 40 feet.

$10 million verdict

Failure to diagnose breast cancer
Medical Malpractice

Failure to diagnose breast cancer – Medical Malpractice

A radiologist failed to properly interpret a mammogram and request a biopsy, delaying the diagnosis of breast cancer in a 44 year old woman. She died 18 months after diagnosis, leaving behind a husband and 2 children.

$8.2 million verdict

False arrest
Police Brutality

False arrest – Police Brutality

A 28-year-old immigrant witnessed a car accident involving an unmarked vehicle and a civilian vehicle. When he attempted to tell police officers what he saw, he was told to “take a hike.” He persisted, but was told to leave the scene. As he walked away, he was grabbed from behind and thrown to the ground, striking his face on the pavement. While on the ground, he was kicked and struck in the head with a hard object.  As a result of the beating, he is now blind in one eye.

$5.5 million settlement

Motor vehicle accident
Pedestrian Knockdown

Motor vehicle accident – Pedestrian Knockdown

A 52-year-old woman was struck by a vehicle while crossing 9th Avenue in Manhattan. As a result of the accident, she sustained facial fractures and a brain injury requiring a craniotomy and lobectomy.

$5.4 million settlement

Hospital negligence
Medical Malpractice

Hospital negligence – Medical Malpractice

An infant was born in good health, with an uneventful delivery and a near perfect Apgar score, which measures a newborn’s health. The next evening, while in the hospital’s well-baby nursery, he was found face down, not breathing. He was resuscitated, but had already suffered brain damage. A hospital nurse had left the infant in the bassinet on his stomach, unmonitored.

$4.6 million verdict

Bus accident
Pedestrian assault – Road Rage

Bus accident – Pedestrian assault – Road Rage

A 34- year-old deliveryman was hit by a New York City bus. The accident occurred when the deliveryman double-parked his car to make a delivery. While attempting to open his trunk, he was attacked by an individual in a “road rage” incident. The attacker punched the deliveryman and pushed him in front of an oncoming bus. His leg was crushed and eventually amputated.

$4.25 million settlement

Delayed diagnosis – Medical Malpractice

Delayed diagnosis – Medical Malpractice

Failure to perform a timely cesarean section. Doctors failed to recognize the mother’s signs and symptoms of placental abruption, an early separation of a normal placenta from the wall of the uterus. The placenta is an organ that grows in the uterus during pregnancy to provide nourishment and oxygen to the baby. The delay caused the infant to be oxygen deprived and born with brain damage.

$1.5 million settlement

Workplace Accident

Workplace Accident

A laborer was injured when he was crushed between an excavator and a dump truck at a construction site.

$900,000 settlement

Workplace Accident

Workplace Accident

A laborer was injured when he fell from a ladder during building construction.

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